Adanim Bank Goes Live With Aliroo's Secure E-mail System (SES)

Adanim Bank customers will be able enjoy encrypted and secured e-mail correspondence with the bank

September 08, 2005 – Aliroo Ltd. has completed the implementation of a secured e-mail solution for Israeli Adanim Bank, allowing Adanim Bank employees to send encrypted e-mail messages, including attachments and personal financial information to the bank's customers. Secured mail will be routed through Aliroo's SES (Secure E-mail System) installed at and managed by IBM Israel (Aliroo's local SES partner). SES will allow Adanim Bank to improve and maximize the service it provides to its customers. It will also allow the bank to comply with the regulations posted by the Central Bank of Israel in its #357 Directive for protection of customers' privacy in the digital world. Adanim Bank is the last in a series of major banks in Israel, including Leumi Bank and Beinleumi Bank, to implement Aliroo's solutions for safe and secure e-mail.

Aliroo's SES will replace the existing, outdated, solutions in the bank (Mail Marshall, etc.) that were inadequate to Adanim Bank's current and future needs. SES provides Adanim Bank with a comprehensive e-mail security solution including protection from spam, computer viruses, and malicious codes, and provides content monitoring for incoming and outgoing mail. In addition the bank's employees will be able to send Adanim Bank customers personal financial information, via encrypted e-mail, ensuring the complete privacy of the information and the security of Adanim Bank's customers. Finally, the unique features of Aliroo's SES will allow Adanim Bank to enjoy legally binding certified return receipt for encrypted mail and at the same time help provide complete protection from Phishing and similar e-mail scams to the bank's customers.

"E-mail has become an important and popular communication method to a large percentage of our bank's customers in the various stages of receiving and evaluating home loans and mortgages" remarked Dudi Maizlik, Adanim Bank's Marketing Manager, "Yet the countless advantages of using e-mail come with a large increase in risks and dangers to data security. Aliroo's SES will provide us with an adequate solution to the security threats and help us provide better service to our customers"

Meir Zorea, Aliroo's President and CEO stated that "Aliroo is happy that Adanim Bank chose to implement Aliroo's SES. Adanim Bank joins a long list of banks, financial and healthcare institutions and leading organizations from around the world that have decided to implement Aliroo's products and solution to protect their data and e-mail exchange. We believe that the solution provided to Adanim Bank will help to enhance the excellent service already offered its customers, and ensure that all incoming and outgoing e-mail traffic to and from Adanim Bank's customers is protected from viruses and Trojan horses, is safe from prying eyes, and can be read only by the customers themselves.

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