Human Inference launches new SAP integration

Data Quality Management in SAP now covers over 100 countries

Arnhem, 6 September 2005 – Human Inference, supplier of data quality software, announces the availability of its new SAP integration "HIquality for SAP". It delivers data cleansing and defect prevention capabilities. This new version of the successful certified SAP integration connects with Human Inference’s newest Data Quality Management software, the HIquality Product Suite, which covers over 100 countries.


The new SAP plug is built for our new and improved architecture. It covers over 100 countries with Rapid Addressing and fault-tolerant identification. Additionally, scalability and the feature for name validation and correction are improved. It is available for both batch and online processes to enable true defect prevention. The embedding into the sequence scheme of SAP is enabled through the standard interfaces created by SAP and does not require additional coding in this context.

HIquality Product Suite

The HIquality Product Suite deals with the entire process of data quality management - from measuring to improving and reporting about data quality. It is based on a Service Oriented Architecture, where XML messages allow flexible and future-proof integration to external business applications. Implementation of the various phases of the Data Quality Life Cycle is achieved through so-called business service plug-ins that deliver specific data quality functionality. Human Inference decided to make the interface available to the public domain, which means every organization using the platform can add its own custom-built or third party plug-ins. This enables the use of the Human Inference proposition as the central platform for data quality.

"Defect prevention will result in enormous cost savings", says Eddy Reimerink, Product Marketing Director at Human Inference. "This out-of-the-box SAP integration delivers integrated data quality management for over 100 countries, which allows global companies to operate more efficiently by minimizing scrap and rework activities and speeding up the data entry process. To make sure all SAP users can benefit from our software in the best possible way, we have improved and optimized this solution."

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