GATE delivers a high performance FIX SELL-SIDE gateway to the Italian Markets

A high performance FIX SELL-SIDE gateway to the first batch of European marketplaces encompassing Italian Equities (MTA), Covered Warrants (SeDeX), Bonds (MOT), Euro-Bonds and Asset Backed Securities (EuroMOT), with more to come in the near future, has been released by GATE T.I. to domestic and international banks.

So far, the above mentioned Italian markets could only be accessed via the native GAM protocol through a GAM server installed at the customer's premises. Now the FIX SELL-SIDE gateway developed by GATE T. I. encapsulates the GAM protocol and provides a virtual FIX access to these markets to FIX BUY-SIDE applications (e.g. Order Management Systems) without bothering to develop and maintain home-made FIX-to-GAM stubs. The service is also available in ASP.model.

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