VILNIUS, September 2005/Forbis Ltd. – the Forbis Company has performed a number of tests of the BIS FORPOST:
- testing of BIS performance on servers of different manufacturers;
- testing of the BIS functionality in the environment of RDBMS Oracle 9i;
- testing of BIS FORPOST and Oracle 9i RAC (Real Application Cluster).

Testing of the BIS FORPOST output was performed on the following servers: HP (2*ITANIUM2 1.3 GHz), SUN Fire V480, IBM Xseries 455, and BULL NovaScale 4040.

Performance tests were conducted according to the testing methodology developed by the Forbis Company, based on the 3 gradually increasing data sets. Special software, also designed by Forbis, was used for the emulation of 1000–2000 user sessions. Server performance and testing results were monitored by Spotlight on Oracle 3.6.3 from Quest Software.

The testing is aimed to measure the operating speed of the main OLTP functions, creation of reports, and end-of-day processes. Acquired results allow determining bottlenecks and optimising data processing and information queries. Conclusions drawn from the acquired performance indicators enable Forbis to give well-grounded recommendations to the banks that use FORPOST regarding the choice and upgrades of the system hardware.

In April 2005 Forbis released a new version FORPOST 4.3.0 designed for RDBMS Oracle 9i, and conducted comprehensive testing of its performance. Migration of FORPOST database to the Oracle 9i will allow using its enhanced features for the development and improvement of the system as well as increasing its stability and productivity.

In June 2005 Forbis conducted tests of BIS FORPOST and Oracle 9i Real Application Cluster (RAC). The results show that the use of the RAC technology significantly increases reliability of the system, minimises database recovery time, and increases system performance by 15% to 25% when user sessions from different nodes access different data segments or different data blocks of the same segment. The experience gained will enable the company to successfully implement RAC technology in the banks using the FORPOST system.

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