Version 1.1 Debuts as Leading Solution for Compliant Remote Vendor Access

Wilmington, DE, September 29, 2005- The Products Division of e-DMZ Security today announced the release of eGuardPostâ„¢ version 1.1, a purpose built stand alone security management appliance that provides a control point for managing system administrator remote connections for protected environments. eGuardPost provides a complete session capture for Windows and Unix sessions, providing full accountability. This enables a turnkey solution for controlling remote vendor access.

In addition to reducing a client’s exposure to malware, eGuardPost v 1.1 has the ability to incorporate dual control, enhanced reporting, and secure storage. eGuardPost protects highly valued systems through proxy access and provides accountability for vendors, consultants, outsourcing partners, and employees making system level connections.

eGuardPost Version 1.1 Features include:

Java client allows clientless deployment
Supports both Windows (RDP) and UNIX/Firewall (SSH) connections
Full session capture and playback
Granular authorization- destination host, protocol, and UserID
Proxy architecture eliminates need for direct network connectivity
Includes fully functional Password Auto Repositoryâ„¢ for credential management, including changing the password after each eGuardPost session.
Auto-login feature eliminates the possibility of the password ever being known by the user

"Remote vendor access is a business necessity, but companies have struggled with the security issues that these connections cause," remarks Kris Zupan, CEO/CTO of e-DMZ Security. "The need for outside expertise and support is growing, as are the regulatory requirements around remote vendor access. This is exacerbating an already open issue. eGuardPost provides an easy to implement solution, without redefining your entire remote access environment."

eGuardPost Responds to Regulatory Compliance Criteria

Vendors are proxied by using eGuardPost, eliminating the need for direct VPN connectivity. Vendors do not require a separate customer provided client and all connections are captured for review. eGuardPost offers granular access without complicating the existing employee remote access connection. In particular, eGuardPost complements Sarbanes Oxley regulatory criteria as it is used to capture all developer/sysadmin access to financial systems. Proxy connections help deter malware on sensitive systems and the capture logs are encrypted, indexed, and automatically archived.

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