ACI’s Flagship BASE24 Payments Software Delivers Outstanding Reliability

(Watford, England – 28 September 2005) – ACI Worldwide (Nasdaq: TSAI), a leading international provider of enterprise payment solutions, recently commemorated 20 years of business partnership with Nationwide, the world’s largest building society. Nationwide has relied upon ACI’s flagship BASE24® software since 1985 to provide innovative, secure and reliable ATM and POS transaction processing.

Nationwide uses ACI’s BASE24 payments software to enable its 11 million members to access their money across multiple transaction channels including ATM, POS, branch, telephone, and Internet devices. Through the use of BASE24®, Nationwide was one of the first building societies to adopt ATM technology in the UK and was a founding member of the UK’s shared ATM network, LINK Interchange Network Ltd.

Nationwide has also implemented web services using the WebGate™ web server solution from Insession Technologies on BASE24 to facilitate the provision of new functionality across its self-service channels. This approach has enabled the acceleration of development to allow for more rapid deployment of new services for the society’s members. Insession Technologies and ACI are Transaction Systems Architects, Inc. companies.

The recent agreement by Nationwide to use the ACI Automated Key Distribution System for ATM and other potential devices exemplifies the continuing relationship. The software will help Nationwide lower the cost of securely generating and delivering encryption keys to devices. Today, ACI’s BASE24 software processes around 90 million transactions per month across Nationwide’s network of 2,300 ATMs and other channels.

"With the help of ACI, Nationwide has been able to deliver a range of top quality, competitive financial services that are widely available and delivered with speed and reliability," said Dr. Michael Humphreys, head of technology development at Nationwide. "As Nationwide has grown, ACI’s BASE24 solution has evolved and scaled with us, delivering the reliability and flexibility to ensure that our multi-channel payment networks have been available to our members 24/7."

"We are delighted to celebrate this milestone with Nationwide, one of ACI’s long-standing customers," said Richard Launder, managing director, ACI Worldwide. "BASE24’s core values of scalability, flexibility and reliability have helped Nationwide deliver the highest quality service. We look forward to continued excellence for the next 20 years and beyond."

Steve Wright, vice president of sales and marketing for ACI, marked the occasion with a formal presentation to the Nationwide team.

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