Tideway Reduces Business Critical IT Outages by Throwing a Spotlight on Resiliency Issues

LONDON- 28th September, 2005 - Tideway Systems, a leader in IT Service
Configuration Management, announced today the worldwide availability of
Tideway FoundationT 5.7. This release provides more out-of-the-box
resiliency reporting, including the ability to recognize server/switch port
speed mismatches. It adds more flexibility to the reporting engine, making
custom reports easier to produce and modify, and focuses on simplifying
deployment and improving security, scalability and performance in very large
IT environments.

"Managing technologies across multiple layers has become one of the most
significant challenges in the distributed IT environments our customers rely
upon today. The potential for unforeseen configuration mismatches to cause
critical outages is a constant that any IT manager would want to protect
against," said Richard Muirhead, CEO at Tideway Systems. "Tideway
Foundation pinpoints potential resiliency issues before they can cause

Tideway Foundation's agent-free approach to discovery, coupled with
reconciliation of trusted domain managers is the fastest and most cost
effective way to build a complete end-to-end picture of the IT environment
for large multi-national companies with distributed IT operations.

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