Genesis Securities Integrates NASDAQ TotalView with its Laser Trading Platform

New York, NY. Genesis Securities, LLC, is excited to announce the integration of NASDAQ TotalView with the Laser Trading Platform, thereby bringing the existing array of features in Laser to an entirely new level and further establishing Laser as the leading trading platform among current trading technologies.

NASDAQ TotalView provides access to all quotes and orders available for execution at all price levels from NASDAQ market participants, which allows traders and institutions greater flexibility and the added advantage of viewing the market in its entirety. Since TotalView updates faster than standard Level II data, both retail and institutional clients using the Laser trading platform will be able to react much quicker to market opportunities and capitalize accordingly.

“With TotalView, Laser users will have access to more than fifteen times the liquidity of Level II and 100% more liquidity within five cents of the inside market.” said William Yeh, President of Genesis Securities. “Combined with Laser’s fast execution lines and very competitive commission structure, our active traders and institutional clients are now armed with a very powerful trading weapon.”

In addition to all displayed quotes and orders from specific market participants, NASDAQ TotalView also provides total size of all displayed quotes and orders, total displayed anonymous interest and the Net Order Imbalance for the NASDAQ Opening and Closing Crosses. “Professional traders need this information,” said Serge Pustelnik, Business Development Director at Genesis, “It is our job to deliver it to them.”

“Migration to TotalView data confirms Laser’s position as a state-of-the-art direct access trading platform,” said William O’Brien, Senior Vice President of NASDAQ Market Data Distribution. “TotalView has emerged as the standard NASDAQ data feed for serious traders, and Genesis has collaborated with NASDAQ to make sure its customers have the information advantage they need to succeed.”

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