Weeden & Co. goes ACTIV!

ACTIV Financial delivers fully hosted, low-latency Feed solution to Weeden & Co.’s Tradewise Tibco enabled Price server.

(Greenwich, CT Sept. 20, 2005) – ACTIV Financial Systems, Inc., a low-latency market data content and technology provider, has delivered its ActivFeed solution as part of Weeden & Co.’s enhancement of their Tradewise Price Server application. ACTIV’s consolidated market data service delivers equities data into Weeden’s program trading system and proprietary algorithmic models.

Utilizing ACTIV’s hosted delivery option, Weeden is able to source exchange data at substantial latency improvements over their traditional feeds without deploying any hardware at Weeden’s site. ActivFeed’s hosted delivery allows server-less access to low latency market data without the need for local devices or data center support.

The ActivFeed delivery architecture provides optimal redundancy through separate Ethernet connections to diversely routed and redundant CTA and NASDAQ feeds at both of ACTIV’s ticker plants in New York City and Chicago. The hosted infrastructure also offers access to a complete tick database of quotes and trades on all options and underlyings, as well as 15 years of closing price history, via ACTIV’s fully integrated Time Series Server database. All corporate actions and other database management services are provided by ACTIV’s own data maintenance collection group, and are embedded in the ActivFeed data model.

The interface to ActivFeed is via the ACTIV API, compiled for 14 different OS/chipset combinations, including Windows XP, Linux, and Solaris. Weeden’s interface was developed on Windows/Intel platform using Microsoft Visual Studio connecting to a Linux/AMD Opteron environment on the Activ side. Dom D’Ambra, Chief Technology Officer at Weeden, "We have not found a better performing solution for this data sourcing project than we have now with ACTIV, while the cost benefits of a fully hosted service are compelling in their own right. Our application benefits from significantly enhanced latency values, while our business saves significant costs by eliminating hardware and communications support. ACTIV’s technology gives us confidence that the data deluge inundating the capital markets processes in which we participate, is well under control."

David Bloomer, Regional Sales Director, notes, "Weeden’s application requirements are demanding. ACTIV is pleased to offer a solution which helps them focus on the business value their application development, while we take care of the exchange data performance critical to its success. ACTIV API provides a consistent interface to low latency data from every exchange feed in North America, with a plethora of delivery options that keep management and support costs to a minimum."

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