Charles River Empowers Investment Managers to Conduct ComplianceAnywhere™

Firm Unveils Web-based Application for Monitoring, Managing and Resolving Compliance Breaches

FROM ITS SIXTH ANNUAL CLIENT CONFERENCE, BOCA RATON, FL - September 26, 2005 — Before 535 attendees at its Sixth Annual Client Conference, Charles River Development today unveiled ComplianceAnywhere™, a powerful, mobile investment monitoring tool for global investment managers that is available with its market-leading and award-winning Charles River Compliance software application. ComplianceAnywhere is a secure and flexible application for the wireless world that allows users to monitor, manage, and resolve investment compliance breaches in real-time, anywhere in the world, wherever their business takes place.

An easily customizable extension of Charles River Compliance, ComplianceAnywhere is a Web-based application that allows users to remotely access compliance results from their Charles River Compliance system via their laptop, handheld, or any other wireless device that supports basic browsing capabilities. Charles River Compliance, a component of the Charles River Investment Management System (Charles River IMS), offers global, real-time pre-trade, post-execution, and end-of-day compliance monitoring for all security types and helps investment managers and custodians ensure consistent adherence to the most stringent client, fund, regulatory, and complex-wide guidelines.

"Compliance officers no longer need to be tied to their desks for problem resolution as they can now operate with the same speed and mobility as the real-time trading desks they monitor. ComplianceAnywhere provides them with immediate notification of compliance events and empowers immediate resolution no matter where they are located," said Rick Enfield, director of product management at Charles River. "What’s more, ComplianceAnywhere clearly demonstrates the power, flexibility, and maturity of the Charles River IMS architecture. Its open, N-Tier design, and use of standard Web Services allows for easy integration and empowers Charles River to rapidly create new user experiences that increase the productivity of our clients. What’s more, these applications can easily access the core – and true power – of the Charles River IMS system."

Charles River Compliance was recently ranked 2005 Top Compliance System by Global Investor magazine and is currently used by 15 of Top 20 U.S. investment managers monitoring funds, institutional, private clients, hedge funds. The system supplies comprehensive regulatory and general example standard rule libraries, a rule building wizard, pre-trade "what if" capabilities, and provides real-time notification of compliance events. Monitoring over $12 trillion in assets, it is highly scalable and meets the most challenging processing requirements of the largest asset managers. Charles River Compliance is available as a standalone application, or as part of the Charles River Investment Management System, which also includes Charles River Manager for portfolio management and modeling, Charles River Trader for order management and electronic trading and Charles River Settlements for centralized post-trade processing.

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