Crowded schedule of speeches and actions on Basel II

LONDON, September 26 (Global Risk Regulator) – A busy schedule of events relating to the international Basel II bank safety rules begins today and stretches over the next couple of weeks, breathing more life into the topic after the summer break.

The schedule includes speeches from top US and international banking supervisors, US Congressional hearings, a key vote in the European Parliament, and a quarterly meeting of the global banking regulators of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, the architects of the complex, risk-focused capital adequacy rules.

And there is speculation that US federal banking supervisory agencies might issue in early October their advanced notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPR) in relation to the risk-sensitive changes they propose making in the current, and simpler, Basel I capital rules that date from 1988. The revised Basel I, variously dubbed Basel 1A or Basel 1.5, would be designed to help thousands of regional and smaller US banks remain competitive against the handful of only the largest US banks, estimated at 20 or so, that are expected to operate under Basel II from January 2008.

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