webMethods Recognised in the Emergence of Continuous Controls Monitoring by Independent Research Firm

webMethods for Compliance Automates Real-time Compliance Monitoring

London, United Kingdom. – September 19, 2005 – webMethods Inc. (Nasdaq: WEBM), a leading business integration and optimisation software company, today announced that webMethods for Compliance was recognised in a recent report by Forrester Research as one of six software solutions meeting its criteria for continuous controls monitoring (CCM). As enterprises seek to institutionalise their ongoing compliance initiatives, CCM has emerged as a key component of these efforts, allowing them to replace inefficient and incomplete manual testing of required control points with automated, real-time monitoring.

As suggested by the report [Controls Monitoring Solutions Gaining Momentum – Companies Seek Better Automated Capabilities for SOX Compliance by Paul Hamerman with Ian Schuler (August 29, 2005)], "Rather than test periodically using a limited sample, what if every transaction could be used to detect errors and control violations? Better yet, what if the controls monitoring occurred on a real-time or near-real-time basis and included measures to prevent controls from breaking down? Detection and prevention are the goals of continuous controls monitoring solutions. Accomplishing these goals requires tools that can handle large volumes of transactions and built-in intelligence to apply rules to this information."

Based on the technology components of webMethods Fabric™, webMethods for Compliance provides enterprises with the ability to continuously and automatically monitor a variety of business processes and control points to ensure the completeness, accuracy and validity of all transactions impacted by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and similar regulations. Leveraging the patent-pending predictive analysis capabilities of the company’s Business Activity Monitoring technology, webMethods for Compliance can even dynamically establish thresholds for acceptable behaviour, proactively alert users to out-of-norm activities, and anticipate potential violations before they occur based on real-time correlation with past events.

With over 1,300 enterprises employing its solutions, webMethods was the largest of the six vendors highlighted in the report and the only publicly-traded company within the group. Another unique differentiator for the company is the depth and breadth of its best-in-class business integration and process automation capabilities. Rather than simply documenting process deficiencies, enterprises can leverage these resources to remediate these situations to realise significant business benefits by streamlining and automating these operations.

"The fundamental requirements of any continuous controls monitoring solution are enterprise scalability along with the ability to readily apply business logic to observed events under a variety of circumstances. By taking advantage of webMethods Fabric – mission-critical infrastructure for numerous Global 2000 enterprises – webMethods for Compliance fully addresses both of these requirements," said Arnold Huffman, vice president, webMethods Inc. "Operating as an overlay network offering real-time intelligence on a number of business-critical processes, webMethods for Compliance functions as the central nervous system helping enterprises simultaneously address all of their compliance requirements while offering the additional benefit of continuous process improvements as well."

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