Data Recovery Discount for Hurricane Victims

Norman, OK (September 16, 2005) - Those who lost computer data due to the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, are being offered a discounted solution by one of the country's leading data recovery specialists, Vogon International.

As a company able to retrieve data from any storage medium, whether disk or tape, Vogon deals with organizations and individuals who have lost critical data, on a daily basis. To help make this difficult process a little easier, Vogon is offering a 15% discount to anyone who has lost data due to the recent disaster.

"Most businesses are unprepared to deal with the downtime and data loss caused by severe weather conditions," said Mark Sear, Vogon's technical director. "Mishandling of damaged computer media means business critical information can be lost completely."

As more hurricanes are being predicted for the Atlantic Seaboard and Gulf Coast, below are some good practice tips to reduce the chance of data loss should damage occur:

• Don't Panic - more retrievable data is lost through panic measures than anything else;
• It is essential that media which has been submerged in water isn't dried out or cleaned - seal the media in an airtight plastic bag, so that no water evaporates;
• Don't try DIY data recovery - think about the worth of your data first, then contact a local Vogon laboratory;
• Do not attempt repairs yourself - this is a highly technical field requiring special tools and techniques. Simply disturbing screws on the mechanical casing could destroy your drive.

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