Hummingbird Announces Launch of Hummingbird Enterprise™ 2005

Hummingbird Enterpriseâ„¢ 2005 empowers organizations to deliver high value enterprise content lifecycle management solutions

London, England – Hummingbird Summit Europe 2005 Conference - November 15, 2005 – Hummingbird Ltd. (NASDAQ: HUMC, TSX: HUM), a leading global provider of integrated enterprise content management (ECM) and network connectivity solutions, today announced the official launch of Hummingbird Enterprise™ 2005.

Hummingbird Enterprise 2005 sets a new standard for delivering high value content lifecycle management solutions and will further entrench Hummingbird as an innovator in transforming technology into practical solutions.

"This landmark release is the result of Hummingbird’s innovative approach to enterprise software development guided by extensive research and valuable feedback from our broad base of global customers," said Barry Litwin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hummingbird Ltd. "Our customers told us they want easier and more efficient ways for their users to work with content. They want to be able to work from within the applications they use every day. They need to be able to capitalize on the value of their content by integrating it with key business processes. And they need to have all of this built on a solid foundation. Hummingbird Enterprise 2005 delivers on all of these mandates."

Hummingbird Enterprise 2005 focuses on three key customer requirements: usability, integration and performance.


Hummingbird’s Business Solutions Framework minimizes deployment complexities and reduces total cost of ownership by ensuring that content enabling processes can be transparently accessed from the client applications users most commonly deploy in their daily work habits.

The Hummingbird Enterpriseâ„¢ Client for Microsoft Outlook provides a fully interactive, business-based view of the entire suite of Hummingbird Enterprise functionality from within Microsoft Outlook. This new Client represents a major innovation in how knowledge workers interact with their business content, applications, and processes without ever having to leave Outlook. It allows knowledge workers to work the way they want to work, by exposing the corporate information through fully customizable views resulting in a substantial increase in user productivity.

Integration of Content Enabling Business Processes

Hummingbird Enterprise 2005 delivers superior integration between all the key phases of managing content lifecycle. At its core is Hummingbird Enterpriseâ„¢ Workflow that links content lifecycle processes by automating critical business tasks and simplifying repetitive activities associated with content creation, profiling and records retention and disposition practices. In combination with the business centric views, users can focus on the business processes relating to the management of content rather than the technology.

With Hummingbird Enterprise 2005 users can quickly implement enterprise wide content management solutions that provide:

• A highly scalable repository for managing documents, e-mail, Web content, digital assets, and physical and electronic records.

• A secure collaborative environment that empowers users to create projects and share and manage content.

• An extensible compliance infrastructure that enables users to mitigate risk in accordance with legislative requirements and organizational best practices.

• Powerful reporting and auditing facilities that alert management as to how content is used and by whom in accordance with compliance requirements.

• Comprehensive information management and retrieval capabilities that allow users to index and search across multiple content sources such as e-mail, Web sites, documents, databases, external repositories and applications.

• Integration with leading e-mail archival solutions to provide the management of both active and archived content.

• A services oriented architecture based on a published Web Services API that exposes Hummingbird Enterprise 2005 as consumable services to other applications.


Content Drive™ is an innovative technology designed to dramatically improve the way desktop applications interact with the Hummingbird Enterprise 2005 content repository. It leverages Hummingbird’s rich heritage in network connectivity to control how an application talks to a repository. Content Drive introduces a revolutionary approach where all file operations to the content repository are handled natively at the Microsoft operating system kernel level, eliminating the need to write and maintain specific code to transfer documents. This innovation introduces significant performance improvements because file operations are executed at the operating system kernel level.

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