New York, November 15, 2005 -- ComStock Inc., an Interactive Data company (NYSE: IDC) and a leading provider of real-time global market data, today launched PlusFeed, its rebranded real-time datafeed for financial applications. ComStock has rebranded the datafeed to reflect the enhancements made over the past two and half years. PlusFeed was previously known as XpressFeed.

"We wanted to highlight the improvements made to the datafeed since the acquisition of ComStock by Interactive Data almost three years ago," said Mark Hepsworth, President of ComStock. "The changes have been so significant that the feed today bears little resemblance to the feed of three years ago. Interactive Data has invested in ComStock since the acquisition, and many aspects of the datafeed – especially the ticker plant, distribution network and data content have been upgraded. The new name, PlusFeed, signifies how much more comprehensive ComStock’s feed is today."

Over the last three years Interactive Data has invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology and redundant facilities designed to deliver high quality, low latency data. New ticker plants have been built which were specifically designed to handle the rapidly growing market data volumes.

Interactive Data has also made considerable investment in its distribution networks. The February 2005 launch of ComStock’s premier distribution network, IP4, which has a capacity to deliver up to 42Mbps of data, represents a sevenfold increase over the 6Mbps capacity of the preceding IP3 network. In addition, ComStock has introduced technology that is designed to allow its clients to create custom feeds limiting the bandwidth for their specific data sets.

On the client-side, ComStock has introduced hardware and software running 64 bit applications that are capable of processing large volumes of data with minimal latency. The client-side infrastructure also has the capability to distribute data processing across multiple client servers. In addition, ComStock has introduced a new protocol and C++ API, which is intended to simplify and expedite the integration of its datafeed into client applications and minimize ongoing feed maintenance.

ComStock has been adding an extensive list of new data sources to the feed. PlusFeed now carries over 350 global sources of data, across all asset classes, with coverage of more than 2.3 million instruments.

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