TIBCO, Microsoft and BEA Propose New WS Specification.

Microsoft Corp., BEA Systems Inc. and TIBCO Software, Inc. today published a new Web services specification, WS-Eventing, to propose a common way of communicating events within and between Web services.

Events are occurrences in the real world that can trigger action in software: a phone rings, an order is placed, a package is shipped, a printer runs out of paper, your favorite team scores, a stock hits a new high, etc. These real world events need to be mirrored within the technologies that have become fundamental to our personal lives and businesses. However, until now, there has not been a common way of communicating about events between different Web services.

Without a common way to communicate events, developers have been forced to create ad hoc solutions that are incomplete and inflexible. With WS-Eventing, every Web service can send and receive information about events that have occurred, regardless of whether the event is originating in the firmware of a simple device or in large scale enterprise systems. With WS-Eventing, the co-authors are proposing a set of fundamental protocols, message formats and interfaces for a Web service to subscribe to events coming from another Web service. The resulting WS-Eventing specification is flexible enough to be applied to scenarios that span the enterprise, the home, and devices and can form the basis of more complex vertical solutions in the future.

WS-Eventing builds on the secure, reliable and transacted capabilities of the core Web services architecture. In particular, the specification is designed to take advantage of the capabilities of published specifications such as WS-Addressing, WS-Security and WS-ReliableMessaging.

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