Partnership Provides Revenue and Network Assurance Solutions to Communications Service Providers

SAN JOSE, CA and FAIRFAX, VA - January 20, 2004 - Sunrise Telecom Incorporated (Nasdaq: SRTI), a leading provider of service verification equipment for telecommunications and cable broadband industries, today announced a partnership with Mantas, Inc. to integrate its network monitoring analyzers with Mantas' network and revenue assurance solutions.

This partnership offers customers an integrated solution to better manage their telecommunications network infrastructure, monitor quality of service status and proactively identify potential points of revenue leakage.

Mantas' customers can now use Sunrise Telecom's network monitoring analyzers as probes to gather real-time data from the network for correlation, analysis, storage and presentation. The Mantas portfolio of decision support solutions helps communications service providers improve operational and financial performance by providing real-time, detailed information and analytically enabled workflow for effective decision support.

Existing Sunrise Telecom customers can now easily expand the functionality of their analyzers to support applications in two main areas: Network Assurance (Best Value Routing and Quality of Service Management) and Revenue Assurance (Fraud Management, Revenue Validation, Billing Verification and Margin Analysis). The Sunrise Telecom suite of network analyzers includes monitoring capabilities for legacy signaling (SS#7, ISDN), next generation (VoIP and SoIP) and 2.5/3G wireless networks (GSM, GPRS and UMTS).

"Sunrise Telecom and Mantas have enjoyed a successful relationship over the last few years," said Sue Ribot, Managing Director, Business Development for Mantas. "This announcement formalizes this relationship as our firms aggressively pursue joint opportunities to help communications service providers support revenue and network assurance solutions."

"The partnership between Mantas and Sunrise Telecom offers comprehensive solutions for traffic analysis, management and network troubleshooting to all operators who are providing service based on GPRS, UMTS, VoIP, SS7, and Signalling over IP technologies," said Franco Messori, Managing Director, for Sunrise Telecom Division.

Sunrise Telecom:
Angelo Baccarani
Brian Ruby
Emmanuel Kerr Kilsby
001-203-406-8800 x11

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