Transoft provides migration path for HP e3000 TRANSACT 4GL applications

Transoft, a leader in enabling companies to evolve new solutions from existing applications, announced today that it has expanded its Transoft Legacy Liberator migration toolset and service offering to include the capability to migrate HP e3000 TRANSACT-based applications to open systems.

Until now, following Hewlett-Packard's announcement that it was discontinuing the HP e3000 platform, HP e3000 users with TRANSACT applications have had to either discard these systems when they move to a new open systems platform, or have them re-developed from the ground up in a different language.

With this announcement, Transoft is able to migrate these TRANSACT applications to any open systems platform without any change of functionality. This is achieved by the new 'TRANSACT to COBOL' capability of Transoft Legacy Liberator that generates COBOL code, acceptable to open systems COBOL, from these applications. These generated COBOL programs utilise Transoft's established libraries of MPE supporting functionality, including VPLUS and IMAGE, enabling appropriate replications of TRANSACT runtime functionality.

In order to achieve an effective translation, it is necessary to ensure that the code generator is able to replicate the TRANSACT runtime environment which is generated in terms of the COBOL Identification, Environment and Data Divisions. Finally, the business logic contained in the TRANSACT source code is generated as Procedure Division statements followed by supporting COBOL code in the form of performed 'sections'.

"This new TRANSACT to COBOL facility we have added to the market leading Transoft Legacy Liberator migration toolset offers HP e3000 TRANSACT users, for the first time, an automated means of migrating these applications to open systems, at a fraction of the cost of re-development and without the inherent risk", commented Geoff Baker, Director of Product Strategy, Transoft.

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