Javelin Technologies Releases Performance Results On Intel-based Systems. Javelin's Appia Trading Infrastructure Records 20,000 TPS

NEW YORK, January 12, 2004- Javelin Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NYFIX, Inc. (Nasdaq: NYFX), and the leading supplier of FIX solutions to the global securities industry, today announced that the Company's flagship FIX and financial protocol infrastructure engine, Appia , achieved a five time increase in its throughput as a result of recent performance testing and tuning. The performance testing, which took place at the Intel Solution Center in Chantilly, Virginia, benchmarked and optimized Appia utilizing Intel hardware and BEA WebLogic Serverâ„¢. The engine was baseline tested and then tuned to efficiently utilize system resources in scheduling, allocating and processing transactions.

Appia was optimized on Intel's 4-way 2.80 Intel® Xeon™ processor MP based servers running BEA Weblogic JRockit™. The performance of the FIX engine was improved dramatically. Testing with a bi-directional message flow of 2 million messages over 100 FIX sessions with database persistence - achieved a sustained throughput of 20,000 transactions-per-second (TPS) through the engine.

"Through the benchmarking and optimization, and an optimal selection of hardware and software, we were able to increase our engine performance five-fold. Conducting this exercise enabled us to stress test the engine and determine areas where we could alter our code to improve processing speed. The engineers at Intel provided a fresh perspective and with the Intel lab's optimization capability, we were able to record significant performance improvements," remarked Ajay Kamdar, Senior Vice President and head of Software Development at Javelin Technologies.

"High availability, scalability, and application performance are vital to customers and form key requirements of what we expect of Intel® Xeon™ processor MP servers running critical enterprise systems. Javelin's team has created a very efficient multi-protocol messaging engine which, when combined with Intel solutions, provides high performance for their financial clients' vital transaction information," commented Howard Morin, Manager, Global Capital Markets/Risk & Compliance for Intel.

The performance enhancements garnered during these tuning exercises are included in the latest 3.1 version of the Javelin Appia engine. Appia is a multi-protocol FIX engine designed to improve trade communication, facilitate STP, and increase connectivity. Appia integrates into any existing system environment and provides a single foundation for a firm's external and internal communication.

Appia offers multi-version support of the FIX protocol including the latest version FIX 4.4, as well as support for FIXML, CMS, ACT and TRACE reporting. Additionally, Appia interacts with a wide range of middleware APIs and can connect to a BRASS interface via the FIX protocol. The infrastructure can be configured in a high availability (HA) mode, ensuring minimal down time through continuous server replication and quick fail over.

"We are very impressed with the Intel team and excited by the research findings discovered in their Virginia test center. With such notable results, we believe we can provide our customers with a better, and faster, financial protocol engine and infrastructure. We have already made significant investments in Appia and look to invest aggressively in product enhancement measures that will help improve our customers' performance and operations. We are committed to delivering open, standards-based technology solutions to the financial industry. In our view, Javelin, in addition to having the largest FIX engine install base in the industry, also provides the greatest throughput of any engine available on the market today," added Mr. Kamdar.

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