Investment boutiques with limited levels of systems capability and technical proficiency can now acquire full functionality with a new, easy to use package from financial software pioneer Wealth Management Software (WMS).

WMS has priced a new small-user version of its internationally popular LISA front office system at an exceptionally low level to make it genuinely accessible. Though its features include portfolio modelling, performance attribution to stock level and multidimensional portfolio analysis, it costs only £20,000 for a five-user licence (£25,000 for users outside the UK), plus £1,000 a month for after sales service.

WMS believes that investor confidence in the smaller 'boutique' companies can be adversely influenced by the fact that many still use generalised tools like Excel spreadsheets to hold portfolio data, a process that is inherently less reliable and is unable to calculate complex results such as performance attribution.

"Boutiques have traditionally found tools with comparable levels of sophistication to the large asset managers either too expensive or too difficult to use" said Paul Foll, WMS Sales Director: "Our product is both functionally rich and user friendly: with its low price point, smaller users can strengthen their appeal in the market."

The LISA product offers

- Portfolio modelling, which automatically compares models to actual portfolios on a daily or weekly basis, or any other frequency required
- Performance attribution to stock level, using any benchmarks or indices
- Multi dimensional portfolio analysis
- Automated price capture from third party data feeds
- Calculation of risk adjusted measures

It also enables order creation, asset allocation, stock selection, mandate compliance, income forecasting and duration analysis, and will generate statements and valuations.

The LISA Fund Manager system is already widely installed, with sites in the UK, USA, Far East, and Germany. The most notable recent smaller fund manager to use LISA is Lupus Alpha in Frankfurt, which was started up in boutique style by ex-Invesco staff, and is now a top performing private client and institutional fund manager.

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