ConjecSureâ„¢ helps companies manage and mitigate risk while complying with Sarbanes-Oxley

Vancouver, BC - Oct. 28, 2003 - Selkirk Financial Technologies, Inc. today announced the release of their new financial risk analysis solution, ConjecSureâ„¢. Built for the specific needs of corporations, Selkirk's ConjecSure provides the insight to help corporate risk managers control and mitigate financial risk. By quickly and accurately consolidating portfolios across all securities, ConjecSure enables risk professionals to fulfill compliance requirements and bring discipline to their risk management processes.

The Government of Manitoba has already realized many benefits from ConjecSure. They are now able to more effectively assess and manage risk across hundreds of instruments. New governance practices being adopted throughout the industry and the need for more sophisticated management of derivatives and asset/liability exposures prompted their Director of Treasury Services, Scott Wiebe, to investigate risk analysis applications and to ultimately select ConjecSure. "Before ConjecSure, we had no way of quickly determining what our exact position was because we were reliant, to a large extent, on information provided by our external counterparties," said Wiebe. "Today, rather than rely on third-parties, we can dynamically price our derivatives, debt and investment portfolios. ConjecSure's processing power allows us to mark-to-market 600 swap legs in under a minute which would have otherwise taken a considerable amount of time and work ", said Wiebe.

"We have a clear vision of how our products will continue to evolve to meet the increasing challenges that financial officers face", said Jim Suttie, Selkirk's president and CEO. "We are confident that this new stand-alone solution will effectively address the complex needs of the corporate risk market."

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