Florida Department of Children and Families Rolling Out Integration Architecture Built on InterSystems' Ensemble

Rapid Development, Deployment and with 90-day Integration Pilot -

Cannes, France, 3 November 2003: InterSystems today announced that the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) is rolling out breakthrough architecture built on the new Ensemble integration platform. By seamlessly integrating the information in DCF's OneFamily application series, Ensemble will enable the agency to ensure that clients throughout the state receive the best possible level of service and care delivery from their community-based providers. InterSystems develops and markets database and integration software solutions for ISVs and IT organisations worldwide.

DCF serves a state wide population with 16 agency programmes designed to provide care and support for Florida's most vulnerable citizens, including abused and neglected children, the elderly and disabled, and those who are physically and mentally challenged or substance dependent.

"Information is critical to enabling these clients to receive optimal services delivery from their community caregivers," says Ben Harris, deputy secretary operations and information technology for DCF. "That information is located on multiple disparate databases accessed by 59 different systems used by DCF programs. Our goal is to integrate the information in those systems in a composite portal application that provides a single view of all relevant data about an individual client. With Ensemble, we have the technology needed to reach that objective faster."

"When we learned of DCF's vision for this integration project, we recognised that Ensemble offers the full range of capabilities needed to make that vision a reality in the shortest possible timeframe," says InterSystems Vice President of Strategic Planning, Paul Grabscheid. "We're very pleased that DCF chose to be an early adopter of Ensemble and that they are now beginning to realise the benefits of their creative approach."

Rapid Integration, Comprehensive Solution Keys to Success

Leveraging Ensemble's comprehensive functionality, DCF developers created a test bed integrating information from five systems and went live in just 90 days. "It's already evident that the single view of client data and the ability to quickly create reports across multiple systems will enable us to take a holistic approach to care for our clients," says Harris.

DCF is mounting an aggressive development and deployment schedule that calls for integrating information from at least five additional systems every 90 days. "We looked at multiple integration solutions," notes Harris. "Ensemble uniquely offers the all-in-one solution we needed to integrate information and applications, create reports across our 59 systems and leverage new technologies that could easily combine legacy information with new screens."

DCF also expects to achieve significant cost savings from using the Ensemble-based integration architecture, according to Harris. "For example, one system we're integrating uses an Oracle database. By utilising Ensemble, we'll be able to cut support requirements typically required by legacy relational technology by half and achieve a 50 per cent saving for some applications," he says.

"It's evident that the DCF integration project is achieving success from the combination of rapid development, fast integration and full-spectrum functionality provided by Ensemble," says InterSystems Managing Director of Enterprise Application Integration, Trevor Matz.

"We're seeing similar positive results being replicated among multiple early adopters of the Ensemble platform. This provides concrete proof of the results that can be achieved by a committed IT staff working with the right integration technology. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with DCF on this innovative integration project."

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