DST International Profiled as One of Australia’s Leading ICT Companies

Sydney, 28 November 2003 – DST International, the
leader in business solutions for the investment
management industry announced today that it had been
identified as one of Australia’s leading and most
promising ICT (Information, Communications, Technology)
Companies by The Corporate Research Foundation
Australia. The profile of DST International and its
performance is included in the recently launched Top
ICT Companies in Australia 2nd Edition flagship
industry guide.

According to Managing Editor of Top ICT Companies in
Australia, David Braue, “Australia’s IT market is
energetic and constantly changing, but the market
pressures of recent years have forced companies to
adapt or die. Those that have survived have done so
because of careful management and business strategies
emphasising long-term viability over short-term excess.
Their stories deserve to be told, both to laud their
successes and to provide guidance for other ICT
innovators hoping to succeed in this ever-challenging

The Corporate Research Foundation (CRF) released its
updated industry guide principally to identify
companies that were likely to remain the sector’s top
and most promising performers in the future. The strict
selection process formulated by CRF – and endorsed by
its research team – was communicated to the members of
its research and writing team, consisting of top
business analysts, media representatives and relevant
associations. Each nominated companies they felt best
suited the book’s requirements, ensuring that the
companies profiled represent a selection of Australia’s
leading and most promising ICT companies.

According to DST International’s Ian Mathieson, “ We
are proud to have our talents recognised by our peers
in the technology sector as we invest large amounts of
staff and financial commitment to the development of
leading solutions for the investment management sector
both here and around the world.

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