Project to dramatically reduce the development time and costs of financial messaging applications.
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, USA –November 18, 2003; Brixlogic, Inc., a provider of XML / Web services software solutions for the financial services and insurance markets, today announced that its French subsidiary has been selected from a field of over 150 entrants to do a joint research project, code named GraphDuce, together with two teams from the leading French research laboratory CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research). The funding of the project has been approved by the RNTL (French National Network for Technologies Research and Innovation). RNTL was set up in France in 1999 to provide funding to co-operations between industrial R&D and public research in the field of software technologies.
GraphDuce is a leading edge software research initiative whose mission is to provide the most cost and time effective approach to the development of highly reliable, high-performance financial messaging applications. Current general-purpose languages, such as Sun Microsystems' Java or Microsoft's C# are very complex and not well adapted to the development of XML-aware financial messaging applications. The basic idea behind the GraphDuce project is that a language utilized for financial messaging applications should be designed around XML and should be specific to the financial application domain to provide the highest speed of execution, development and maintenance. For instance, Java and C# compilers cannot insure that a financial messaging application that consumes, validates, transforms, routes, stores or produces XML messages is "correct", i.e. will have no bugs. The GraphDuce project will not only insure that the application's code is correct, but will furthermore provide the highest speed of execution possible.
To achieve this goal, the GraphDuce project will leverage the research efforts of CNRS in its development of a functional language called CDuce, that provides static type checking based on XML types, as defined by W3C's XML Schema specification. GraphDuce will leverage Brixlogic's existing experience in visual development to provide an easy-to-use visual interface that will make complex problems solvable directly by business process and financial messaging experts.
XML-oriented languages, domain-specific languages, visual languages for business process experts (e.g. BPEL4WS) are getting more and more attention these days as companies are struggling to find solutions that lower the cost of development and maintenance of large, distributed XML-based applications. A recent study by Zapthink, a software industry analyst firm focused on the XML market, estimates that XML related software technology will reach upwards of $8.3 billion by 2005. Brixlogic is at the forefront of this technology and currently working with several leading ATM/POS vendors and third party software providers on similar initiatives.
“We are proud to join the GraphDuce project and honored to have been selected from such a large group of contestants,” says Xavier Wartelle, CEO of Brixlogic. “The project is a perfect fit for Brixlogic and our graphical-based XML Framework that is targeted at developing, testing and deploying financial and insurance messaging solutions. By following these strong software industry trends, focusing on the high-growth financial messaging market, and partnering with leading research labs in the area of XML-oriented languages, Brixlogic is positioned to capture a significant share of the market.”

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