Simulation of ACORD XML application scenarios speeds up development and deployment of insurance industry XML / Web Service collaboration projects.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, USA – November 18, 2003 – Brixlogic, Inc., a provider of XML / Web services software solutions for the financial services and insurance markets, today announced the availability of the Brixlogic ACORD XML Simulator for insurance applications. The Brixlogic ACORD Simulator software solution is designed to assist software developers in the insurance market (including Life & Annuity, Property & Casualty and Reinsurance) to enable real-time access and aggregation of insurance transactions and documents through ACORD XML-based electronic document exchange, while reducing development costs and errors. The Brixlogic ACORD XML Simulator complies with the recently published ACORD SOAP Messaging Framework, which has the major benefit of being able to handle both old (EDI) and new (XML) formats by transmitting messages as attachments, in a similar way that email does. This new product enables testing of ACORD XML Clients (e.g. Document requesters) and Servers (e.g. Repositories) with an out-of-the-box solution and is extensible and highly customizable, so it can be quickly adapted to the requirements of a particular ACORD XML project.

Using the Brixlogic ACORD XML Simulator will:
· Eliminate the need to build simulation programs for internal or ACORD-XML application development with partners.
· Significantly reduce coordination issues between the different development groups of an ACORD-XML integration project.
· Guarantee interoperability of software through third-party testing.
· Accelerate and reduce the risk of integration projects.

“Like the Brixlogic IFX Simulator that we recently announced for financial services applications, the new Brixlogic ACORD XML Simulator can be an important tool to significantly reduce coordination issues between different development groups, either internally or with business partners, of an ACORD-XML integration project,” says Xavier Wartelle, CEO of Brixlogic

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