Credit Lyonnais Securities (USA) Goes Live on SunGard’s Margin Advisor

BEDFORD, MA – November 19, 2003 – SunGard Securities Processing, an operating group of SunGard (NYSE:SDS), announced today that Credit Lyonnais Securities (USA) Inc. has gone live on SunGard's Margin Advisor to monitor its credit exposures intra day and perform real-time margin calculations for its institutional equities operations. Margin Advisor provides real-time status of margin accounts by continuously monitoring price movements and account activity to proactively detect margin shortfalls. Margin Advisor's continuous availability enables it to integrate with operations processing and trading applications in real-time.

Credit Lyonnais Securities (USA) uses Margin Advisor as a regulatory risk management tool to monitor in real-time changes in positions and valuations, and automate resolution of margin calls. Prior to Margin Advisor, Credit Lyonnais Securities (USA) kept track of client positions in margin accounts by using spreadsheets and manually applying end of day pricing to the positions. In order to further develop its clearing and execution services, Credit Lyonnais Securities (USA) needed to improve its risk management techniques, take advantage of cross-margining opportunities, and integrate with its existing platforms.

"We needed the best tool available to monitor our exposure and risk, and Margin Advisor enables us to effectively and accurately gauge our market risk, update positions in real-time and replicate information instantly from SunGard's Phase3," said Todd Wiltshire, director at Credit Lyonnais Securities (USA) Inc. "Margin Advisor's flexibility in setting up our own unique set of rules gives us infinite possibilities in what we can define in the system, such as how we set up accounts, reflect securities, perform margin calculations for certain accounts and securities, and group accounts for a single entity. In addition, the system’s ability to create and forward alerts automatically greatly improves our efficiency internally. While seeking a margin solution, we simply did not find another system that was comparable to Margin Advisor."

"We are extremely pleased that Credit Lyonnais' implementation of Margin Advisor has enabled them to realize the many benefits of the system immediately upon going live," said Doug MacFadden, senior vice president of strategic development at SunGard Securities Processing. "Margin Advisor’s ability to proactively detect and manage margin risk is essential for any firm seeking a more effective way to manage risk, be it a prime broker, correspondent clearer, proprietary trading firm, discount broker, or institutional and retail broker/dealer."

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