The EAI Industry Consortium Appoints IBM's Mark Tempelmeyer as Co-Chairman

London, November 18, 2003 - The EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) Industry Consortium (EAIIC), an international non-profit global advocacy group promoting Enterprise Integration, is pleased to announce the appointment of IBM's Mark Tempelmeyer as the Consortium's Co-Chairman.

This appointment requires Mark to drive the technical position and activities for the EAIIC. "As Vice President of Industry Solution Development in the Software Group of IBM, my current responsibilities include the building of solutions with particular focus in the area of business process integration and building the industry specific content for IBM's WebSphere Business Integration product line. This experience and knowledge enables me to address technology issues in EAI with a vengeance." comments Mark Tempelmeyer. "I look forward to working with Michael and the other participants in the Consortium to establish EAI benchmark practices in the industry." Mark shares the Chairman position with the EAIIC's founder, Michael Kuhbock.

Michael states, "IBM's passion and vision for a holistic open industry platform opened the door for them to participate in the EAIIC at a leadership level. IBM has been a proactive, founding member of the Consortium since July and when IBM brought Mark to the table, his in depth knowledge and understanding of technology and his business acumen was evident. Mark's background at IBM includes experience in the Consortium's main verticals of finance and manufacturing." Michael continues, "His commitment to the Consortium's agenda is apparent and we are confident that his dedication will continue. We could not have made a better choice for this position, and I know we will achieve great success together."

Mark has been part of IBM for the entirety of his IT career of 20 years, following a degree in Computer Science from the University of Tennessee. He started with IBM in Boca Raton working on PC software and then spent many years working in a variety of disciplines on OS/2. For the past five years, Mark has had executive responsibility for industry solutions, building and bringing to market industry specific software, particularly focused in the telecommunications, media, banking, and insurance industries.

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