ICY software introduces MARGIN TRADING in ICYFX

The FX Margin Trading module of ICYFX is a comprehensive real-time system for tracking portfolios of spot, forward and FX options trades with dynamic and automatic risk management.

ICYFX Margin Trading system allows users to set up margin call and stop loss levels, as well as loss limits by group of expiries. Limits and margin requirements can be monitored with real-time control. Any breach of margin requirements will issue commentary pop-ups and tone alarms.

ICYFX Margin Trading system is fully configurable and portfolio positions can be netted by expiries, or globally. Users can set-up automatic launches of the system and/or launch multi-portfolios manual analysis.

ICYFX Margin Trading system is directly linked to ICYFX pricing engine and positions database. It enriches ICYFX in the same philosophy of user-friendliness, speed and accuracy.

ICYFX Margin Trading Key Product Features:

- Dynamic windows for real-time risk management of margin limits
- Real-time feeds from market information platform
- Direct feed from ICYFX pricing engine
- Margin by currency pairs and expiries
- Set-up global margin limits for customers portfolios and define Master portfolios
- Margin call and Stop loss calculations, real-time alarms and order notifications
- Automatic tasks configuration with intraday/interday frequency

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