- Revolutionary multimedia communications interface enables the virtual trading organisation -

London and New York, 10 November, 2003 - Syntegra today announced the launch of its new multimedia desktop device - ITS.Netrix - aimed at revolutionising
communications in the trading room. At the cutting edge of ergonomic design,
ITS.Netrix provides traders with the ability to manage all communications
channels, including voice, video, instant messaging, email and web through a
single device, thus enhancing service for customers however they choose to
communicate. ITS.Netrix will be available to Syntegra customers in 2004.

Syntegra partnered with Kinneir Dufort Design, specialists in new product development and prototyping, to identify user requirements and anticipate future trends, and then develop ITS.Netrix to appropriately address the market's needs.

Speaking about the new device, Rod MacDonald, managing director of trading systems at Syntegra, said: "ITS.Netrix is an entirely new device that offers customers a new paradigm in trading communications. We have been in constant dialogue with several of our key customers during the development stage to ensure that the end result is something they really want - something that will allow them to collaborate worldwide and push communication boundaries across all media. ITS.Netrix takes advantage of network-centric voice, video and data communications to empower users with instant access to clients, the market and business-supporting applications."

ITS.Netrix is not just about phone calls. When coupled with ITS Myriad, Syntegra's multi-channel integration framework, the display keys of the new device can alert users to high priority incoming instant messages or emails, key words appearing in chat rooms, clients accessing particular research on the bank's web site or client orders reaching specified limits.

Other features of ITS.Netrix include full colour alerts and rich, context sensitive supporting information, providing everything traders need at their fingertips. ITS.Netrix has been designed for the demanding trading environment, and has a highly intuitive interface to facilitate collaborative working with instant call recognition. This allows users to immediately identify which client is calling as well as the status of the call. The new device also now includes integral speaker and intercom units, giving improved trading performance through outstanding audio quality. ITS.Netrix runs on a Linux operating system, as well as having the ability to host Java applications - providing open integration with maximum security.

ITS.Netrix provides connectivity to IP (Internet Protocol) or traditional voice (TDM) networks, offering full flexibility and future-proofing in the mission critical trading room. It is the first ever desktop device able to offer the choice of IP or TDM connectivity built-in, giving customers the ability to deploy Voice over IP where and when it makes sense for their business.

MacDonald continued, "The popularity of the new device is clearly demonstrated by the fact that even before launch we have already sold 1,000 positions of ITS.Netrix. The new name reflects the fact that we are changing the rules, taking advantage of the network-centric world of services delivered on a pay as-you-go basis, hosted within the global IP network. ITS.Netrix is the portal or interface to the virtual trading organisation."

Customer comments include:
- "If we show this to the traders they'll think it's rocket science." (from IT)
- "I have to sit in front of a turret all day. This is such a refreshing change." (from trader)
- "The possibilities for integrating applications onto this device are endless." (from IT)
- "The ability to support both TDM and IP delivery definitely makes sense." (from IT)
- "I think the layout is really clear and I love the use of colour." (from IT)
- "Will it make the tea as well..?!" (from trader)

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