Nyenburgh signs for MarketXSPro Terminal

Amsterdam/Schiphol-Oost, 7 November 2003 - MarketXS, a leading provider of market data distribution technology and terminal solutions, today announced that Nyenburgh Commissionairs in Effecten signed a license agreement for its MarketXSPro(tm) for Windows(r) terminal application. The agreement will result in the replacement of most present providers and an increase of the total number of MarketXSPro terminals in use at Nyenburgh.

Nyenburgh, an independent securities broker, will gradually roll out the
approximately 20 MarketXSPro terminals in its offices in Amsterdam, Heerenveen, Roermond and Den Bosch during the next year.

MarketXSPro for Windows, a terminal application for finance professionals, delivers sophisticated analytics and in-depth, real-time information from markets worldwide at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. It combines comprehensive data and advanced functionality with a fully customizable user interface, an easy, Windows-based, navigation and a full streaming integration with Microsoft(r) Excel. The application obtains data through the Internet or leased lines using the firewall-friendly HTTP protocol, just like a web browser, and requires no additional investments in any local

'We are delighted to add Nyenburgh to our growing client base for MarketXSPro for Windows. MarketXSPro offers an excellent terminal solution for financial institutions helping them to reduce costs while insisting on access to first class information and analytics.' Floris Alkemade, chief executive officer of MarketXS, commented.

Duco Frie of Nyenburgh added: 'In view of the considerable expansion of our day trading activities we decided on MarketXS because they offer value for money. Besides, MarketXSPro is user friendly and easy to implement at our regional offices'.

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