New products, suites maximize business value chain by simplifying access,
accelerating integration, and automating business processes

EMERYVILLE, Calif. - January 22, 2002 - Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY) advances its leadership position as an e-Business infrastructure provider with the announcement of several major enhancements to its e-Business Platform.
Sybase's e-Business Platform maximizes the value of an organization's information assets by simplifying access to information, accelerating integration of applications and business processes, and automating transactions. The Sybase e-Business Platform supports customer needs with an open architecture that works with existing environments-databases, application servers, and development tools from other vendors - and supports a wide range of established and emerging industry standards, such as ebXML, RosettaNet, and EDI.

The following new components of the Sybase e-Business Platform are being
announced (Related press releases are available). They are:

*Business Process Integrator Suite 2.1 - a new bundle of six Sybase and New Era of Networks products that enables organizations to integrate, automate, and manage business interactions outside the boundaries of the enterprise to partners and customers
*PowerDesigner® 9.0 - an updated version of Sybase's design tool, with a graphically-rich interface that enables both business users and IT teams to model and develop e-Business applications more effectively
*Enterprise Portal (EP) 2.5 - an updated version of Sybase's flagship portal product, offering secure and personalized access to enterprise information
"While few organizations set out to purchase an e-Business platform outright, most want to ensure that the technology they are purchasing to solve a tactical problem is part of a complete, strategic solution," said Peter Hoversten, CTO of Sybase.

"Sybase meets those customer needs by offering a software infrastructure that is open, modular, integrated, and comprehensive. Organizations can buy Sybase products as their needs dictate and be assured that they will build upon each other and integrate with existing and future IT components."

Simplifying Access
Sybase's e-Business Platform simplifies access to the enterprise for customers, employees and suppliers via a personalized and secure enterprise portal, including mobile and wireless access. Sybase EP 2.5 improves business interactions by offering common access to content and Web-enabled applications, thus allowing for increased operational efficiencies, customer loyalty, and revenues, as well as a reduction in costs. New features of EP 2.5 include cutting edge integration technology, security enhancements to address strict requirements in the government sector, XML content integration and Web Services integration to support E2E interactions and multi-platform support for HP and IBM AIX.

Accelerating Integration
Sybase's e-Business Platform accelerates the integration of critical enterprise information and applications via integration, process automation, and adapter facilities including the New Era of Networks® Process Server, e-Biz Integrator(tm), BizTracker(tm), XML Adapter and Sybase Web Services Integrator - all included as a part of the Sybase BPI Suite. The BPI Suite is a complete offering of products for process integration and process management with broad standard support including WSDL, UDDI, SOAP, RosettaNet, and ebXML. It accelerates the integration of data and applications that span the value chain, thereby enabling enterprises to improve business processes that extend outside their boundaries. The result is greater responsiveness to new market
opportunities and increased operational efficiencies.

Automating Transactions
Sybase's e-Business Platform facilitates the automation of e-Business transactions through application server, data storage and data movement services. Sybase's EAServer, one of the industry's fastest performing application servers, is available as a stand-alone product and also as part of Sybase's BPI Suite. As part of the BPI Suite, EAServer provides an application server foundation that supports complex, end-to-end processes. As a comprehensive solution, BPI Suite provides application development and Web deployment capabilities that automate the transaction and business processes of the enterprise, key customers, and critical suppliers, resulting in reduced supply chain costs and increased revenue and customer retention.

Easier to Deploy and Manage e-Business Applications
The Sybase e-Business Platform is engineered to be easy to deploy and easy to use, with a common set of tools for optimal development and management of e-Business information and applications, including PowerDesigner 9.0. PowerDesigner 9.0 offers new process modeling, extended object modeling, extended data modeling and integration with popular Java IDEs and application servers.

"Sybase rightly saw the convergence of the application server, enterprise portal and integration markets for enterprises building comprehensive e-Business infrastructures," said Tyler McDaniel, director, Application Strategies at Hurwitz Group, Inc. "By offering a broad software infrastructure that is open, modular, and integrated-based on established, proven products-Sybase offers a solution that focuses on customers'
business needs rather than a proprietary architecture. These key differences position Sybase as a leader in this developing market."

Customer Support for Sybase e-Business Platform
Aviall, Inc. is the world's largest distributor of aircraft parts, distributing nearly 90,000 items for more than 180 manufacturers to customers around the world. To remain a leader in this highly competitive industry, Aviall launched an e-Business strategy based on a best of breed approach. Tying all of these applications together in real time proved to be the stumbling block to reaping promised e-Business economies of scale.
Aviall chose components of Sybase's e-Business Platform BPI Suite-New Era of Networks e-Biz Integrator and Adapters - to address the challenge and integrate its source systems without any customized code.

With applications integrated and a Web portal running, customers can do
all their business with Aviall on the Website in a self-service fashion.
Response time for large quotes and orders has dropped from five days to minutes when customers use the Web. Costs related to supply chain and inventory management have been reduced by $5 million per year. Costs associated with generating quotes have decreased by nearly $1.4 million per year. The cost of order processing has dropped from $6.22 per order to $.39.

"The results of using Sybase's integration technology are nothing short of staggering. This allows us to complete customer quotes more quickly, and thereby manage more customers and attract larger customers, " said Joe Lacik, Chief Information Officer of Aviall. "Sybase products meet our needs today and as we continue to grow our e-Business offering. Its e-Business platform ensures that our efforts will never become 'obsolete,'but instead can be built upon for future efforts."

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