XRT Announces Fourth Quarter 2001 Consolidated Revenue up 7.5% From Fourth Quarter 2000. 2001 Consolidated Revenue is EUR 44.47 million up 7.6% From 2000.

After three quarters of sustained growth, the Northern Europe profit center recorded another strong increase in revenue (+33.3%) this quarter in a highly competitive market in the large accounts segment.

XRT’s business in North America has been affected by the impact of the September 11th events with a decrease of 8.9% compared to the same quarter of 2000.

For the first time in 2001, Latin America – Iberia revenue increased this quarter over the same quarter of 2000. This 11.6% increase comes as a result of the high level of the activity in Spain and Portugal and of the restructuring measures implemented in Latin America since the beginning of 2001, especially in Brazil.

XRT consolidated revenue for 2001 is EUR 44.47 million, a 7.6% increase compared to 2000 excluding results from discontinued operations. The significant economic slow-down in the fourth quarter has hampered the sustained growth in revenue XRT recorded since the beginning of this year.

In 2001, the XRT group has demonstrated its capacity to return to a pattern of sustained growth:

-The Southern Europe profit center, which underwent a 43% decrease in revenue in 2000 recorded a 7.9% increase in 2001;

-The Northern Europe profit center experienced in 2001 the highest increase in revenue inside the group with a 21.8% increase compared to the previous year ;

-In spite of the overall slow-down in business in the region, XRT North America closed the year with a 10.4% increase in revenue compared to 2000 ;

-The Latin America – Iberia profit center revenue decreased compared to the previous year (-6.5%) in spite of a 10.1% increase in Spain and Portugal due to the impact of the unstable economic environment in Latin America.

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