State of the (Credit) Union: What is Just Enough and How Far is Too Far?

19 February 2020 - 19 February 2020
19 February 2020
Kristen Jason

 Credit unions are at the pulse of America, and day-to-day business comes with many responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities. State of the (Credit) Union is a series of round table discussions led by credit union leaders, for credit union leaders, and hosted by Finastra. Each session covers one topic that allows you and your team to hear from peers about the latest trends in the industry. You will walk away with ideas, insights, and perhaps even new acquaintances to learn from and work with.

No longer hidden behind a wall or separated by a pass-through, today’s banking experience is much more personal and tactile for both the member and the teller, UA or MSR. An open experience attracts new members – especially the younger generations – but it’s important to ensure that what you’re providing is a long-term strategy – rather than a fad - that benefits the member, the employee, and the business. Should branch lobbies be transformed into a lounge-and-café look and feel? Is adopting personal teller machines like firing your grandma? How do digital banking and artificial intelligence play into the branch transformation?

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