'Embracing monolith modernisation' with GFT and Amazon Web Services

5 November 2019 - 5 November 2019
'Embracing monolith modernisation' with GFT and Amazon Web Services
5 November 2019
AWS HQ, 1 Principal Place, Worship Street, London, EC2A 2BA
Dawn Blenkiron

'Accelerating your transformation journey'

At our unique event entitled ‘Embracing monolith modernisation’ on Thursday 5th November @ the Amazon HQ in London, you will hear more from GFT and AWS specialists on how to implement technology and processes that can really make a difference.

Join GFT and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to discover how to undertake innovative modernisation of the existing IT ‘monolith’ that continues to hamper the majority of most large financial institutions.

Modern technology platforms can deliver unprecedented cost efficiency, scale and customer centricity. They include the adoption of microservices, which can enable multiple software releases, quickly and securely on a daily basis. Whilst this approach provides many business benefits, such as improved business agility, increased competitive advantage and significant cost control, it can prove very challenging to implement.

GFT is a global AWS partner that is small enough to care, yet big enough to deliver for any type of cloud engagement. During our event, GFT and AWS specialists will be showcasing how our tailored microservices accelerator uses AWS technology to enable the rapid build of applications that deliver all the benefits of continuous software delivery and deployment. We will demonstrate how delivering small incremental changes on a regular basis can finally lay to rest the legacy issues of extensive and inflexible lead times, culminating in the next ‘do-or-die’ system release.

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