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Live Webinar: CASS Governance in 2021

19th January
Company: AutoRek
Location: Webinar
2020 brought a number of challenges to firms and operation functions all over the globe. In the world of CASS, this was no different and with letters from the FCA singling out CEOs on ensuring CASS compliance, it was confirmed that there was no... read more
MORS Software

Extracting value from your ALM infrastructure: Leveraging your ALM & FTP to...

20th January - 22nd February
Company: MORS Software
Location: Webinar
IRRBB challenges for 2021 –  Implications of a low rate environment and customer support programs on structural interest rate risk management   In response to the economic impacts and volatility generate by the pandemic,... read more

Webinar: It Pays Off - Managing Invoice Processes Efficiently

27th January
Location: Webinar
Your inbox is full with unpaid invoices, approval times are slowing down, working from home has it's benefits but without immediate access to documents productivity is on a slow decline. This is why automating the invoice process is one of the top... read more
Lucht Probst Associates GmbH

LIBOR – what will happen next?

28th January
Location: Webinar
The final LIBOR cessation is close - what is happening next in the Swiss, European and UK market? Get a full picture on the #IBOR Transition during Swiss Risk Association´s chapter event taking place on January 28th! Peter Woeste Christensen,... read more
Path Solutions

Don’t miss out! Mohammed Kateeb, Guest Panelist at the 4th WIEFC 2021

30th January - 31st January
Company: Path Solutions
Location: Webinar
Watch Path Solutions’ Group Chairman & CEO, Mohammed Kateeb speak along with other distinguished panelists on “The World of Technology Finance: Is Fintech & the Advent of Bigtechs a Boon or a Bane to Banking and... read more
marcus evans

3rd Annual Benchmark Rates Reform in the Derivatives Market

3rd February - 5th February
Company: marcus evans
Location: Webinar
 The transition to risk free rates is disrupting the trading industry and financial firms should be attentive in being aware of how the market is evolving around possible solutions. Considering the limited liquidity around the main RFRs and... read more
marcus evans

S/4 HANA Transformation Business Leaders Forum

25th March - 26th March
Company: marcus evans
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
This premier marcus evans  S/4 HANA Transformation Leaders 2020 Forum will benchmark experiences with the S/4 HANA journey and discuss key project milestones. The main theme of the event is how to maximise value from the project while being... read more

ENBANTEC Retail Banking Conference EMEA

2nd June - 3rd June
Company: IFINTEC
Location: Webinar
Our company will organize ENBANTEC Retail Banking Conference EMEA on 02-03 June 2021 as a live virtual conference. The event will take place online in the digital format. ENBANTEC is one of the most attractive and important conferences in EMEA region... read more