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PriceFusion™ -Pricing & Reference Data for Advent Axys/APX
NOW YOU HAVE A CHOICE IN DATA VENDORS - UNAPEN PriceFusion™ is an automated interface between Advent Axys/APX & Thomson Reuters DataScope Select service, providing the highest quality pricing & reference data with lower costs & straightforward billing practices http://tiny.cc/bhabny
ClientLogix -CRM designed for Investment & Wealth Managers
ClientLogix CRM, Business Intelligence & Business Mgmt solution enables Advisers & Family Offices to easily analyze the intersection of assets & relationships in order to retain & grow your assets. Support for Advent Axys and APX, APL, Portia, PortfolioCenter and others. http://tiny.cc/7zwrjx
ClientRep- Custom Reporting Automation - Instit & HNWI Mgrs
The ClientRep portfolio reporting solution automatically creates professional client reports & meeting packages that look like they were produced by a dedicated marketing & graphics team but in a fraction of the time. Advent Axys & APX, PortfolioCenter, Portia.
ITComplete DATSAFE™ - Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
ITComplete DATSAFE is an advanced Data Backup & Disaster Recovery solution provided by UNAPEN, expert providers of Business Continuity solutions since 1995. Affordable by any size Wealth Mgmt firm, it's a multi-layered strategy to protect your firm, your clients & your budget! http://tiny.cc/hiwrjx
Strategic & Operational Consulting - Hedge/Asset Managers
Our financial services & technology experts work with the best asset managers in the world, & encompass strategic planning & implementation projects to release-based software development. At UNAPEN, we are Financial Services professionals who help firms capitalize on the value of technology.