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Skyler C3 Liquidity Discovery Solution
Skyler’s C3 Liquidity Discovery Solution allows customers to gain insights into fragmented liquidity pools, analyze and act upon the situation. It leverages our low latency order book aggregation capability and combines it with off-the-shelf adapters, specific business logic, and an indicator calculation framework.
Skyler C3 Tick Analytics Solution
The Skyler C3 Tick Analytics Solution allows you to: Capture real-time intra-day trade data. Run per-venue and cross-venue trade data analytics on real-time and time series data. Subscribe to aggregations by volume and price*volume. Conduct subscription and request-response queries. Conduct “window” based subscriptions Configure window...
Skyler C3 Algorithmic Container Solution
The Skyler C3 Algorithmic Container Solution provides a comprehensive framework to run custom analytics over streaming, merged, and cached market data in real time. The custom algorithms can be configured or executed as part of the data flow or in an ad hoc manner. In addition, third party libraries can be used to define and execute the logic. The...
Skyler Ultra Low Latency Trading Solutions
Skyler develops Ultra Low Latency Trading Solutions for faster and smarter trading. The Skyler C3 solutions source liquidity, trigger smarter trading decisions, and intelligently route orders. They address specific low latency trading needs and emphasize flexibility, ease of use, and simplicity of integration. They combine powerful in-memory data...
Skyler C3 Liquidity Discovery Europe Solution
Skyler introduces the C3 Liquidity Discovery Solution specifically for the European market space. Seize new trading opportunities in the more fragmented market created by MiFID, execute smarter trading decisions, and achieve higher Alpha.