FINMECHANICS provides software solutions and services to global Investment Banks, Regional and Commercial Banks, Asset Managers, Central Banks, Foreign Exchange services, Precious Metal dealers and Corporate Treasuries.

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FM Converge
FM Converge is the New Generation cross-asset platform, for trading, pricing, risk, compliance and trade processing. Its micro-service native architecture provides new standard of efficiency and agility to banks looking forward to simplify their operations.
FM Connect
FM Connect is the New Generation Web Trading platform allowing banks to create a cross-asset end-to-end digital experience for their customers and develop their ecosystem. Challenger or start-up banks also implement FM Connect as their key transaction tool with their clients.
FM Bullion
FM BULLION caters for both Physical Bullion and Paper Trading (Proprietary desk and Hedging). It enables users from all departments to function coherently. The data is centrally managed and is accessed through secure web tools in real time.
As the pressure mounts for the timely transition from IBOR reference rates to the Risk Free Rates (RFR) in key currencies, Finmechanics has designed a solution roadmap with minimal disruption to the existing system landscape and IT architecture. The solution  leverages FM Converge* cloud- and easy integration capabilities, cutting...
Finmechanics leverages the cloud- and easy integration capabilities of FM Converge to provide an FRTB SA or IMA service to banks. The system provides very high performance of calculation without compromise on accuracy. Trade, reference and market data extracted from banks trade repository and legacy vendor system FTRB-SA (VaR,...
Adding to the FM CONVERGE suite of enterprise and treasury capabilities, Finmechanics offers fully integrated modules for SIMM margining, collateral and inventory management. As with all Finmechanics solutions, the module can be implemented independently or within the FM CONVERGE front/back/risk platform, either on Cloud or on premises.