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Elidata Enterprise Data Management and Transaction Reporting
A flexible platform that collects securities data and transaction events from multiple sources, a, storing them in a core repository database with static data. Data can be managed for internal requirements or applied for regulatory and transaction reporting purposes, covering all major regulations.
Caronte OMS - Order Management System
Caronte is the all-in-one cross-asset OMS for trading orders originating from different channels (private banks, trading on line, and institutions) covering access to over eighty financial markets, venues and brokers and managing each stage of the trading cycle - DMA, SOR, Algos, RFQ, IOIs and OTC.
EliStream is a normalized market data service covering Level 1 and 2, calculated benchmarks and indexes, in a publish/subscribe model (Push) for all markets and providers supported. It can feed Market Abuse monitors, Position Keeping, Back Office, and any apprequiring professional market data.
CTS Market Making
CTS MM is the EliData solution for Market Making activities on equities, bonds and derivatives. A full set of functionalities, alerts and strategies (Refill, Always Best, Never Best e AutoDowngrade) has been developed to address the need of traders.
EliData SOR - Smart Order Router
It is the solution, originally developed with MIFID 1, and now enriched to be compliant with MIFID 2, for execution on multiple venues, applying a set of rules and weightings, covering both posting limit orders and routing market orders and immediately executable limit orders.