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RTS/X is a full-functional RTGS solution
RTS/X is a full-functional RTGS solution with enhanced monitoring and liquidity management facilities, DvP/PvP. RTS/X implementation allows achieving a very good price/performance ratio in comparison with a typical numbers in similar projects. The system is successfully implemented in 40 countries.
DEPO/X - Depository Solution
Modern Depository solution with rich functionality that allows to eliminate financial and operational risks and to increase efficiency of capital markets infrastructure. More than 22 implementations across the globe in Central Banks, Central/National Securities Depositories and Stock Exchanges.
TRAD/X - Trading System
TRAD/X is a robust trading system for Equities,Fixed Income securities,FX,Commodities and Futures in a single platform with built-in risk management controls.Trading:Auctions,Bilateral (OTC),Central Counterparty.Pre-trade/Post-trade risk management.Support of SWIFT(ISO15022, 20022) and FIX protocols
IFTS - Instant Funds Transfer System
IFTS is multifunctional online instant payments system that offers a range of funds transfer/collection services covering all of country’s economic sectors,from individual remittance transfers to government and large corporate institutions payments.The system greatly improves bill payment services.
BCS/X - New Generation Clearing Solution
Low-value payments processing solution with unlimited capacity of custom instruments support.BCS/X solution provides extensive service of modern bulk clearing in real-time & 24/7 mode for P2P payments,direct debits,direct credits,cheques,remittances,bill payments and unlimited set custom instruments