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ZagTrader Maket Making - Liquidty Provisioning
Market Making / Liquidity Provision entails absolutely requires an automated, risk-controlled, low latency and high throughput system, with algos for each type of activity, the system allows you to comply with regulatory, business & risk requirements while working to maximize profitability.
ZagTrader Brokerage Solution
ZagTrader is the only region-wide Online Trading & Financial Analysis platform that provides the users the edge to understand market dynamics to better manage risk, spot potential opportunities and make informed trading decisions.
ZagTrader Asset & Portfolio Management system
The ZagTrader Asset and Portfolio Management System will allow you to manage assets and portfolios using the latest and best tools in the business. We’ll enable you to manage investment strategies efficiently and confidently all in real-time.
ZagTrader Robo-Advisor Execution & Pricing Framework
ZagTrader Robo-Advisor Execution & Pricing Framework is a complete framework that serves the financial planning services platforms by providing a simple implementation for HTTP based APIs over the ZagTrader execution management system that is equipped with global pricing and more
ZagTrader Custody Management
A fully integrated platform that can connect with 3rd party systems or pre-integrated with ZT EMS, OMS, Clearing & Settlement, Portfolio, Fund management to provide regulated Custodians for Clearing Members, Funds, Segregated Accounts, Brokers to ensure proper reporting and safekeeping