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OptionsCity Metro
  OptionsCity® Metro is a fully configurable high performance, server-based professional options trading and market making platform that creates a distinctive edge by enabling options traders to have full control over trading, safety, and risk management.  OptionsCity® Metro was built on power, speed, reliability, and a...
SMDS Direct Feed Handling
Vela’s SMDS direct data feed handlers are developed and built entirely in house with no third-party dependencies and provide market data access to an ever-increasing number of global trading destinations. Vela now offers over 250 venues and is constantly adding new SMDS feed handlers to this list in line with client requirements. The feed...
FrontRunner DMA exchange infrastructure
FrontRunner enables DMA via a range of APIs to market data and order execution aspects of exchange connectivity. Enhanced by pre-trade risk management, and back-office integration components, the FrontRunner suite provides a complete solution for exchange connectivity needs.
FrontRunner FrontPrice
FrontPrice is the market data exchange connectivity solution for the FrontRunner suite. With this, clients are able to use a normalised API / FIX access to subscribe to real-time market data from an exchange for trading purposes. See FrontRunner and FrontPrice Satellite for further information.
SuperFeed™ Consolidated Feed
Vela's SuperFeed is a consolidated market data feed encompassing markets in Europe and North America, delivered in a single normalised format. It combines the simplicity and cost efficiency of a consolidated feed, with the high performance capabilities of a direct feed.