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Strands PFM - Personal Financial Management solution
Strands PFM is an award-winning application that drives engagement between account holders & financial institutions via multi-device, modular & customizable digital banking channels. In 2008, Strands revolutionized online banking by deploying the 1st PFM in Europe, now used by 100+ banks worldwide.
Strands BFM - Business Financial Management solution
Strands BFM is a white-label solution that enables small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to better understand and manage their company finances. Empowered to take full control of their balance sheet, Strands BFM gives SME customers more freedom to focus on what they do best.
Strands CLO - Card-Linked Offers
Strands CLO is a powerful marketing tool that enables retailers to target highly relevant deals to cardholders through digital banking channels. At the forefront of machine learning technology, CLO enables customers to receive & easily redeem personalized & contextualized deals from merchants.
Strands Recommender
Strands Recommender enables any bank’s marketing team to plan, execute & analyze smart campaigns for financial or 3rd party products & services. Machine learning algorithms predict customers’ likelihood of acquiring certain products by matching offerings with customers’ online banking interactions.
Strands Loop
This innovative platform helps financial institutions address the full spectrum of their customers’ digital banking needs by offering a seamless & personalized user experience. The platform can tightly integrate any combination of Strands revolutionary FinTech products: PFM, BFM, CLO & Recommender.