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Trade Reporting Validator
Our Trade Reporting Validator is a compliance validation engine designed to improve the regulatory accuracy, quality and completeness of derivatives trade reporting to global trade repositories.   Coverage includes DTCC, Dodd-Frank/CFTC, EMIR/ESMA, Canada, JFSA, MAS, HKMA, ASIC and more across foreign currencies, rates, credit, equity,...
Splunk Solutions for Capital Markets
Risk Focus designs and implements Splunk Solutions for Capital Markets, including Banks, Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, Exchanges/Clearing, Trade Repositories and Treasury. Splunk allows our clients to efficiently monitor and manage business workflows, software applications and IT infrastructure.
Risk Management and Aggregation
Risk Focus designs and implements custom Risk Management and Aggregation solutions for financial firms. We integrate legacy systems with lightweight service-oriented architecture components to meet new business and regulatory requirements for speed, stability, transparency and cost of ownership.
OpenGamma Risk and Pricing Solutions
Risk Focus is an expert OpenGamma Global Solutions Partner, with extensive experience implementing Margin Replication, Pricing and Risk solutions at major financial services firms. We combine the toolkit with our service-oriented expertise to deliver highly flexible and scalable risk platforms.
ActivePivot Risk and Collateral Solutions
Risk Focus is a leading ActivePivot solutions partner. We us AP to transform existing risk architectures and build new solutions to meet the challenges imposed by global regulations and market evolution. Projects include: VAR, Credit Risk/CVA, Stress Testing, Collateral Optimization, Margin