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CashTrea corporate treasury management software supports monitoring of cash, funding, investments and forex operations in a multi-entity corporate setup. Operational in a number of corporates, CashTrea helps CFOs in improving efficiencies as well as operational and portfolio risk management.
MercuryFx is a forex trading software that helps banks to extend Fx trading to branches and clients. A highly scalable browser based system, MercuryFx allows treasury to provide real time quotes, conduct negotiations and close deals with clients and branches for all types of forex products.
iDeal Treasury Management software is a front, mid and back office solution to handle all bank treasury operations. Apart from interbank dealing and mid office limit and risk (VaR) monitoring, iDeal supports customer dealing and back office operations in Fixed Income, Forex, Equity and Derivatives.
iDeal Funds
iDeal Funds is a fund management & administration solution. It supports Fund manager, Trader, Risk Manager and Operations Personnel in investment management. Investments across Equity, Fixed Income, Money Markets, Mutual Funds and Derivatives are supported from dealing to NAV calculations.
iDeal Wealth
iDeal Wealth is an investor servicing solution for Mutual Funds and Trusts. It supports all processes from KYC capture, account creation,risk profiling to customer application capture, unit allocation, dividend distribution and certificate management. It is a highly scalable browser based solution.