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Narrator™ is your all-in-one visual development tool for creating, publishing and managing financial websites and mobile content. Based upon a powerful financial planning solution, Narrator offers the flexibility for all types of financial insight and advice, from quick financial insight to partial advice to comprehensive planning.
As the industry’s most powerful and flexible financial planning application, NaviPlan® allows you to accommodate all client needs, from simple to sophisticated. NaviPlan® is the undisputed leader for detailed tax planning, advanced solutions and ultra-high net worth clients, yet it is also flexible enough to produce quick, goal-based...
 The Profiles™ financial planning application is user-friendly to get up and running quickly, yet it's potent enough to deliver thorough client plans. Profiles™ helps you automatically generate qualified leads with the Profiles™ Leads generator, open doors with the interactive presentation module and strengthen awareness with...
The Figlo™ financial planning application is a client-centric planning tool, featuring a client portal, lead generation tool, and interactive comphrensive financial planning.  
Advisor Briefcase
In a financial industry that's constantly changing, the one thing that remains the same is your commitment to giving clients your best. Stay front and center of a premium client experience with the Advisor Briefcase® marketing communications tool, which allows you to use valuable, professional and personalized material to communicate with the...