Prometeia is a global provider of consulting services and software solutions focused on Risk, Performance & Wealth Management for banks and financial intermediaries, with over 800 industry experts. It now completes its proposition with Data Science solutions for banks and insurance companies.

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Prometeia Electronic Credit Application (ECA)
Prometeia offers a comprehensive technological platform for credit decision making that integrates risk analytics, portfolio analysis, data management, workflow and reporting tools. The holistic use of these instruments allows a quick and effective management of lending processes, in line with capital management and credit...
ERMAS Suite is the integrated suite that covers ALM, market risk, liquidity risk, credit risk, and economic and regulatory capital analysis, with a strong emphasis on commercial banking business. The Suite is complemented by ECA, supporting the credit origination process. ERMAS guarantees high processing performances and provides a customizable,...
The PFTPro® enterprise advisory platform is the expression of the unique WealthTech® approach, uniting advanced methodology, process and technology in the service of business objectives. Its modules may be freely combined to deliver specific functionalities, and together guarantee complete coverage of advisory processes and workflows. This...
Asset Management Pro (AMPro)
Asset Management Pro (AMPro) is a complete set of tools that effectively support the Risk Manager as well as the Portfolio Manager.
Training and Change Management
Pure design of training plans, which identify and analyse the needs in order to facilitate the achievement of strategic objectives. Prometeia makes its entire wealth of knowledge and skills available to clients: an ideal bridge between the academic world and the job market. Knowledge Training offers training advisory services to develop strategic...