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IT Support for Finanacial Services
Managed Networks works with Bloomberg, Fidessa, Pershing et al, to ensure you have the vital information you need to keep you - and your clients - well informed. The IT infrastructure we provide meets your FSA requirements and keeps you and your customers connected
Server Network Installations
If your IT network is old and non-performative give Managed Networks a call. Many years experience providing many different companies with new IT networks mean we can design, procure and install exactly what you need to meet your business goals.
IT Business Continuity, independant advisor
Managed Networks can provide a thorough analysis of your business continuity (in an IT context). Managed Networks can act as an independent advisor for this activity or it can be part of an IT network audit; in readiness for Managed Networks to become your IT support provider.
Hosted Desktop Computing - "Desktop Live"
DesktopLive, from Managed Networks, is the next step in business computing. DesktopLive is hosted desktop computing that makes your life simple. You only pay for what you use, there are no significant upfront costs and there are none of the complexities of a traditional office-based server network.
IT Disaster Recovery Specialists
To compliment our proactive IT support service, Managed Networks provides a Disaster Recovery service that will have you back in operation within hours. Should you be unable to use your server for any reason, there are just two steps to being up and running