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CompatibL Risk Platform
An advanced software platform with support for XVA, capital, initial margin, FRTB and other regulatory calculations, using a choice of CompatibL’s adjoint algorithmic differentiation (AAD)/enabled engine, in-house or external analytics. More details
Adjoint Algorithmic Differentiation (AAD project delivery)
CompatibL provides a service for retrofitting AAD to existing in-house analytics libraries. We have extensive project delivery experience of working with clients to implement AAD within their trading and risk applications. More details:
TapeLib is CompatibL's commercial library for adjoint algorithmic differentiation (AAD) that supports a variety of features specific to quantitative finance and large scale AAD programming, including adjointable AMC. More Details:
Risk and Trading System Project Implementation Services
CompatibL provides a wide variety of integration and implementation services for multiple in-house systems and leading vendor solutions including Enterprise CVA implementations, pre-trade limit monitor, regulatory capital solutions. More details:
Quantitative Consultancy
CompatibL's quantitative research team provides a wide variety of services. This includes pricing/XVA model implementation and validation, AAD project delivery, regulatory calculation implementation. More Details: