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eAresBank international finance integration system
eAresBank international finance integration system integrates the needs of international financing business and the functions of banks, uses on-line real-time operation model and integrates retail & wholesale banking and can be linked to SWIFT.
AFEIS New Foreign Exchange Integration System
AFEIS is a foreign exchange business system for retail and wholesale banking, dealing room, etc. Using object-oriented design concept, the system can be built on multiple mainframe platform and allows combination with existing banking systems, integration with future interfaces and links to SWIFT.
ARES-FSTP can handle the automation process of funds distribution and reach STP standard for the automation of foreign funds subscription, redemption, switch orders, and online confirmations between foreign fund houses and the distributors through SWIFT standard XML messages.
Ares provides consultancy for SWIFT Products with solutions including SWIFT Messages Integration, Funds Automation solution, Global Cash Reporting solution, etc. Ares has assisted almost all major banks in Taiwan for SWIFT services. In 2008, Ares became a SWIFT Regional Partner in Taiwan.
ARES Treasury System
Ares Treasury System covers loan, bond, financial derivatives business and interest rates of financial transactions of business entity. It help financial trading and risk management personnel deal with financial product problems, lower difficulty in evaluating to reduce human costs.